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Rolling collection:

We are a rolling collection. This means we are not confined to seasonal releases which allows us to release new products monthly. By doing this, we can stay up to date with trends and popular products all while delivering your product in 2-3 weeks.

No minimum order quantity on blanks:

We want you to buy what appeals to your customer and what you can sell. Without a minimum order quantity, we believe you will be able to fill sizing based on what is in demand and most popular for you.

Browsing & Pricing:

To browse our current product selection please visit our retail site: GTSclothing.comAll of our wholesale pricing is 50% of the full retail price. If a legging retails for $68 the wholesale price is $34.

Easy Order & Reorder:

Once you are an approved wholesaler you will be provided an account and checkout code to place orders on our retail site ( Reordering is a breeze. We have designed our retail website so that you can easily sign in and order the pieces of your choice without a minimum order quantity.


Available For Custom Printing:

We offer custom printing on our products at an additional cost. We take our great quality product and offer a quality printing service. Learn more here.

Apply For Account:

Please visit the following link to apply for an account. We try our best to review accounts on a daily basis.