Speed is everything now

The term "You can't teach speed" is somewhat true but we are breaking down that barrier with our "Speed to market."
Times are a changing in the retail sector and retailers are getting the short end of the stick because of brands lack of speed.  Do you carry clothing? Order clothing? Or distribute clothing? I am sure that you feel the effects when you have to place an order with a brand a season or seasons ahead of time.  How do you know what will sell well for you?  It's so tough! Trends are faster than ever and the brands that are slow or behind them don't leave you the best opportunity to sell.
It's not just about speed to keep up with trends it's also speed to replenish what is selling well.  Why wait another season to be replenished or why have to meet high minimum purchase orders?  Brands are forcing resellers like you to leave a lot of money on the table with products that are selling well for them but they can't get replenishment fast enough!
Have no fear, we are here.  
We have developed a manufacturing process that puts our brand on the front lines of trends and allows for quick replenishment.  Every item that leaves our facility is made to order.  What makes that game changer is that we turn all wholesale orders around in 5 days to 2 weeks depending on size. Are you out of a certain size that is selling well? No problem. Order 2, 6, 12 units.  We will have it out the door in a matter of days.  No more waiting until next season!
Our success comes from your success.  We are here to set you up for opportunity.
To learn more about our process head to our blog: HOW OUR MFG PROCESS WORKS