Are your customers looking for Made in USA?

It's all about the story.  Whether selling a product or an experience.  Made in the USA has become highly in demand BUT the average consumer doesn't want to pay more for it.  This is where we not only found our niche but our movement.
In any business the more people that touch the process of making a product, the more expensive it becomes to make.  Everyone needs to make their mark-up.  So what did we do?  We cut almost everyone out.  By making all of our products ourselves in-house, we are able to offer products that are made in the USA at a competitive price.  A byproduct of streamlining the process has led to high wages for our fabric cutters and sewers.  Labor doesn't need to be cheap when your process is streamlined and efficient.
GTS began as a one-man sewing operation on a journey to blend comfortable athletic wear with casual street wear.
The guiding dream from the beginning was to expand beyond just one sewer to an entire brand focused on developing quality clothes. We want to change the culture behind sewing and manufacturing. Mike Borisenok, original product maker and GTS founder, remains the central sewer, brand visionary and chief of inspiration. Under his care, our Upstate New York design lab and manufacturing headquarters creates a collective space for us to work alongside each other making to-order batches of unique activewear for women and men.
Along the journey of building our brand we realized the truth and troubles of garment production and decided there had to be a better way to produce. A way that allowed us to control quality, wear proudly and sleep soundly. By sourcing our fabrics inside the US and designing and producing our activewear ourselves under one roof, we’re able to take an idea from the design stage to finished product in a matter of days. Our design studio was born out of our passion for creating and experimenting, and it lives where we both learn and perfect the art of making clothing everyday.
That's our story.