• Speed is everything now

    The term "You can't teach speed" is somewhat true but we are breaking down that barrier with our "Speed to market." Times are a changing in the retail sector and retailers are getting the short end of the stick because of brands lack of speed.  Do you carry clothing? Order clothing? Or distribute... View Post
  • Are your customers looking for Made in USA?

    It's all about the story.  Whether selling a product or an experience.  Made in the USA has become highly in demand BUT the average consumer doesn't want to pay more for it.  This is where we not only found our niche but our movement.     In any business the more people that touch the process o... View Post
  • How our MFG process works

    Made by us.  Made to order. It’s rare for brands to have their clothing manufactured in the US, and it’s even more rare for them to make it themselves.  We design, cut, sew, package, and ship all products to-order under one roof.  Ethical. Authentic. Reduced waste. 1- Fabric All of our fabric... View Post